The New Year Blessings

May your New Year be blessed abundantly with wealth, wellness, and grace. May your health be uplifted, and all things healed and made new. May your insight search for a deeper clarity of the how and a deeper clarity of the why. May you be made strong of heart and gentile by nature. May you walk in the footsteps of the Holy Spirit. May you taste the softness of Mary Magdalene and the sweetness of the Black Madonna. May you be free of enslavement and pain.

May you breathe deeply. May you be guided by the natural environmental beauties of our planet. May you be of service to your family and to your community. May you harbor self-pride and dignity. May you be sustainable. May you not be afraid of dying or living. May you just BE.

May you be wanted and loved by yourself first. Never needy and desperate for the love of another. May you never run from responsibility. May you have the ability to stand on your own two feet. May you be self-sufficient and brave. May you develop the ability to love over hate. May you develop the ability to appreciate instead of resenting. May you be able to sit in stillness when needed. May you see the God in you. May you develop the ability to be warm instead of cold. May you be all of you and nothing but you. May you be a person of honor.

May you be present and mindful. May you walk with purpose and the determination to make it happen. May you allow your soul to take flight. May you be your true self never allowing yourself to compare you to another or to feel not good enough. May you speak your truth because nothing but the truth will save you.

May you slowly allow the right kind of people into your life. May you be willing to forgive and let go. May you never break your own heart nor disrespect your own personal boundaries. May you stretch as wide as the earth. May you fly with angels customized just for you.

Hitaji Aziz- M.A., RMT, Reiki Master
Trauma Abolitionist, Speaker, Writer
Poet, Life Coach, Holistic Healer