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Your message spoke to my heart

I’m a white woman and your message on PBS sure spoke to my heart. You are truly an inspiration to me. You are living proof that anyone can overcome their obstacles. I’ve got numerous health issues and feel like I can’t do things but you have motivated me and lifted me up! When you stated that we cannot be a victim to our circumstances, past or present. That is very powerful.


Hitaji was my angel sent from God

Hitaji was my angel sent from God. She had been waiting for me to come to her for a long time. A friend of mine recommended her to me in a most turbulent time in my life. I came to a point in my life where I felt worthless and was just existing. After meeting Hitaji I knew intuitively that my restoration would be on its way. She is caring and very much intuitive to what is wrong and finding the root of the problem. The body/energy work was truly amazing and I truly felt the healing as she did the Reiki and body work session. She is transparent, empathetic and a GOD send. She truly has God’s hands on her, and I will be forever changed and grateful that Hitaji had a part in my rebirth.

Naomi Luna

A professional in the truest sense

Ms. Aziz is a professional in the truest sense – both fulfilling the request(s) and providing a more thorough and intensive application. I was fortunate enough to find someone who excelled in both a professional deep tissue massage, but also with the lymphatic drainage I had requested. Further, this particular massage, required intensive and emotional healing time, and Ms. Aziz timely and patiently provided both support and very thorough listening skills — much needed today in our “multi-tasking-don’t time for asking” lifestyle. Also, a meditative and reflective time — much needed! Thank you again, Ms. Aziz A very pleasant experience.


Hitaji has a stories that will help all women

You never know when you will have the experience I had yesterday. I attended a mini-healing session with Hitaji Aziz. It was amazing! Hitaji has a story that will help all women. In recent conversations with all of you, she is someone you will want to speak at your events. She believes in healing women. She has a story to tell and wants women to heal before they die so they won’t go to their graves harboring sadness and hate from their lives. She wants them to tell themselves the truth, know that they deserve joy, create their own reality, never give up on themselves, live a heart centered life, know they are more than worthy, they walk with unseen greatness, wake up being grateful, know they are uniquely beautiful and align themselves with the Spirit.


Leaves a profound imprint on our students

It is rare that a speaker visits our class and leaves such a profound imprint on our students. Your presentation at the Graduate School of Social Work accomplished just that. You helped our students to bridge the gap between therapy and practice. Our students experienced a heightened awareness that cannot be learned from a text book. Your training offered our students an ideology, a practice method and a value orientation that will enhance their academic careers and preparations for social work practice in the future.

Steven Applewhite, Ph.D.
University of Houston

Hitaji is a very powerful speaker

Hitaji shares a rare commitment to learning and her passion for healing and wholeness shows in her critical thinking about difficult issues and honest explorations of daunting racial and cultural memories. Hitaji is a very powerful speaker. Her oral presentations were among the most moving and impressive I have seen at our Vermont campus. That she will continue to surprise and inspire others seems only natural to those who know and listen to her. A skilled workshop teacher, she sees her own and other people’s social needs, and acknowledges gifts she’s received, giving others and herself needed acknowledgement. You will find Hitaji a pleasure to work with, a real asset to your program.

Rickey Gard Diamond, MFA
Core faculty, Union Institute & University

A Professional and Informative Presentation

On my behalf of myself and lucent Technologies I want to thank you for an extremely professional and informative presentation.

Sales Manger-Louisiana

Stimulating, Educational and Refreshing

The staff from the Family Violence Unit thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Aziz and felt her presentation stimulating, educational and refreshing.

City of Houston

Her gentle and systemic approach

I met Ms. Aziz several years prior to seeking her services via a mutual acquaintance.  That meeting made it easier for me to contact her for family coaching.  Her gentle and systemic approach in guiding and assisting individuals with understanding the energy each carries and how to unblock stagnation and heal proved to be very insightful and helpful.  I highly recommend her services to individuals and families

Attorney Jackson

I Learned How to Heal Myself

Because of Hitaji, I learned how to heal myself by doing the inner work necessary to become a better mother to my sons, and to raise them with awareness and sensitivity. Hitaji also inspired me to become a reiki practitioner after a very powerful healing session with her at a time when my body was reacting to stress and toxins from medications for my Lupus. Hitaji, you have touched my life and the lives of so many others. Blessings be upon you.

Cynthia O'Neil

Hitaji unlocked the door

My trauma occurred in utero when my mother was pregnant with me and had an accidental fall . Hitaji unlocked the door with the healing energy of Reiki and her intuition and care and in doing so, my frequent night terrors (for over forty years) completely stopped. Now a fuller version of myself has arrived , aware and awake, dwells within the realm of my higher-being and possibilities. Hitaji was instrumental in providing the tools for me to find my way, to answer my calling. I will always be humbly grateful. Until I met Hitaji, my existence was solely and unknowingly rooted in a wounding event. My healing was vital for releasing a lifetime of suffering, the initial act of clearing the way to being open, and to accept gifts previously blocked from entering within. She created a safe space for me to heal.


She allowed a portal of loving

She worked on my body in ways that both grounded and transcended the physical and allowed a portal of loving presence to release ancients wounds and unresolved emotions. I am deeply grateful”

Rev. Kyra,
Unity minister

Helped me through a most difficult time

Hitaji, your healing bodywork helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

Joan H.

I started to see who I wanted to be for the first time

I came to Peacemaker Enterprise diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been suffering from BWS/Chronic PTSD but hadn’t taken medication during my second pregnancy and wanted to continue living without the medication. I was lost and depressed. Hitaji strongly invited me to build  a meditation practice in order for me to better utilize her coaching, Reiki, and therapeutic bodywork. Meditation is part of her coaching process for reducing stress.

As a business owner, wife and mother I started to see who I wanted to be for the first time. My life and business became purpose driven. She is a powerful nonjudgmental spiritual facilitator who  has never  put up with any of my baloney which is what I needed. 

My whole way of thinking and feeling about how I want to  raise my children has changed for the better. I have been medication free for over two years now and feel better than ever.  Thank you Hitaji and thank you to me for having the courage to change.


She is one of the most patient and compassionate people I have ever met.

I first met Hitaji at Vermont College during a presentation I was giving to students on race in 19th century American literature. Later we met for lunch and continued the dialogue discussing race issues and joining in a critique of my presentation that to this day is the most profound dialogue I have even had with another human being. I have no real words that would give a sense of the breadth and depth of her intellect and the skills in critical thinking and, to some degree, her ability to create dialogue. It really says but a small part about the essence of this woman. She is, simply, beyond fear or any hesitation in engaging with people, no matter their race, cultural background, economic class or any “baggage” they may be carrying or projecting.

She is one of the most patient and compassionate people I have ever met. She touches people and moves them to their better selves. You will be astounded and delighted as I was when I first heard her give a presentation to her peers at the college. Afterwards I asked her if she had studied rhetoric. “What is that?”, she asked. I smiled. “It’s what you do.” She is a natural, amazingly gifted speaker who can sense the audience and craft her delivery to meet their needs, open their awareness and allow them to feel their own essential self. Hitaji is a remarkable woman. To know her is to find yourself in a space beyond difference. -Martin F.

Martin F. McMahon III
former Professor of Liberal Studies, Union Institute & University

Anyone who knows you is blessed for it.

I think anyone who knows you, and anyone who has ever met you, or heard you speak, is blessed for it. You’re a professor in the University of Life, and a wise sage. We learn from you and grow with you. We love you SO much! Thank you for being.

Joe Pinney

You are an inspiration!

Just yesterday I shared a video of your life to a group. You are an inspiration! You Rock, sister. Keep making the world a better place like you always have. You deserve every blessing, every kudos and all the love in the world. YOU GO SISTER!!!

Patricia Gras

Reiki and Mamma Hitaji is the truth!!!!

Reiki and Mamma Hitaji is the truth!!!! As a person that is constantly in contact with others’ energy whether good or bad, it takes a toll on my energetic, psychic, and physical body. I was blessed to be introduced to Mamma Hitaji and immediately was drawn to her healing spirit. I then had an opportunity to experience Reiki up close with her. Before the Reiki session begins, you experience the environment and its ambiance which is so peaceful that it immediately opens you to healing. I actually experienced the universal healing energy coming from her hands as she hovered over my chakras. During the session, I felt as if I was transported to another world. When I came back to earth I had a feeling of peace, calm, gratitude and love. She was able to realign my chakras as well and cut the energetic connections that were attached to me from others. It was a feeling of lightness where there was heaviness. I am grateful for her gifts and her willingness to share with the world!!!! She truly is a healer on every level.

Attorney Sadiyah Karriem
Social Justice Activist and Attorney

She walked me through life-shifting decisions

Coaching works when you decide you want something different out of life, are ready to step out of your comfort zone, and have a guide willing to tap into whatever modalities work for you. A coaching experience is also worthwhile if your coach is transparent and willing to share lessons from her journey. Working with Hitaji worked for me for all of these reasons. She has walked me through life-shifting decisions.

Dr. Andrea Roberts
Associate Director at Center for Housing and Urban Development. Assistant professor at Texas A&M University and owner of at Freedom Colonies Project, LLC

I am beyond proud to call her my friend

I met Hitaji several years ago due to our mutual love for meditation and the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I have turned to her for guidance in my spiritual life as well as how to deal with racism as a White woman. Her passion for her own culture as a Black woman as well as her passion for the lives all people no matter the cultural difference is unmatched. She also coached my son as he explored deeper into his own healing journey. He too found her to be amazing and was touched by her compassion toward him. Hitaji is a fierce, compassionate loving human being and I am beyond proud to call her my friend.

Works at a Center for Chest Diseases in Arizona. She is a loving daughter, mother and grandmother within a strong Italian family. She is a member of the global meditation community and anything that is connected to Quantum Physics.

Reiki improved my mind and body

The first time I took advantage of Hitaji Aziz’s Reiki skills was some time after I had entered a working relationship with her on a project. She offered to help me with some physical and emotional problems I had thru Reiki. I had never done this before and was a little skeptical. However, the tone she set during the session, the setting, and the trust I had in her made me relax enough to feel the effects of the Reiki and to find some improvement in my mind and body. I’ve gone back for more and each time I feel like something is reset/rebalanced towards making my life a little better. She is trustworthy and ethical in her practices and I know I can be honest with her whether the subject is positive or negative. She is a great listener.

Robin Lewis

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