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Price Investment

Peacemaker Enterprise - Services Pricing

Peacemaker Power Tools ~ The Ten Commitments ~ The Bio Mat

The Peacemaker process uses an integrated approach to becoming healthier, more grounded, and saner as we find new ways to respond to a Pandemic Renaissance. Peacemaker modalities are science-based power-tools well known by many who seek  greater wellness for the mind, the body, and the Spirit including our  planet’s wellness. 

You might find yourself with tons of information yet lack the motivation, and the services that support your needs. People are struggling with self-care and overwhelm, often burning out as we hunger for joy, direction  and clarity. We want peace and emotional safety.

The peacemaker process encourages lifestyle changes that upgrade  how we can experience sustainable self-care on this planet as well as how we  can contribute to  the Greater Good of all  and the natural  and human-made environments that surround us. 

With  mindful intention Peacemaker decided to implement  a meditative mindful practice as a powerful investment and a  perfect way to integrate our power-tools one step  at a time. 

Peacemaker wanted to cultivate loving kindness, compassion, cultural sensitivity  coupled with generational , ancestral trauma awareness. Every session begins and end with a 3-minute silent meditation as we call  forth the energetic body  into  the sacred space of the human body. 

We believe  that all  life forms on this planet are energetically interconnected. Peacemaker is spiritually based yet not religious . We are rooted in the ancient wisdom of many beliefs. We are rooted in justice, respect for the planet and the dismantling of  all forms of trauma, oppressions and destructive stories that harm and dehumanize.

With intentional mindfulness, the meditation process flows through all that we do. We visualize  and affirm wellness, radical self-care  and the ultimate concern and respect for our planet as a living entity. We believe that a new world is arriving for a greater good. 

*The Peacemaker process is rooted in  the practice of meditation and  mindfulness. We are excited to work with people who are attracted to the Peacemaker process as a way to change and reduce stress. 

Hitaji Aziz

"The power that made the body heals the body." Dr. Joe Despenza

Request your appointment through our website. Pay for your service.  All services are prepaid online to secure and confirm your space. You will receive a call to confirm time and date. Multiple sessions can be scheduled back-to-back such as massage and coaching. No one under twenty years old. There are no refunds. The Peacemaker Power Tools, the Ten Commitments, and the Bio – mat complement all services. Set up your appointment on our contact page.

(Affordable Services) Use the PayPal installment program that make our services affordable for most people: As a formally homeless mother of three this makes me happy and a way that working class people can benefit from wellness programs that are often not affordable for all. 

Solution-Based Coaching

    Pick one

    Meditation & Chat

    • 30 minutes: $40
    • 45 minutes: $55
    • 45 minutes: $70 (Bio-Mat detox) 
    • Guided by Hitaji 
    • Meditation retreats (pending) 
    • In person or zoom 
      Meditation & Chat

      Nap Time Detox: The Bio - Mat ~ Still-Point Experience

      • 30 minutes deep rest: $35 
      • 50 minutes deep rest: $55 
      • In person 
      • Infrared waves can penetrate your body deeply
      • Help raise your core temperature
      • Help energize your detox pathways and autonomic nervous systems
      • Help reduce inflammation and joint pain
      • Help promote cellular healing and restorative rest
      • Help increase circulation and soft tissue healing
      • Help improve your mood
      • Help relax and ground you
      • Help boost your energy
        Nap Time Detox - Select one:

        Full Body Massage

        • 30 minutes full body refresh: $50
        • 60 minutes full body (Dry brushing): $95
        • 60 minutes full body (Bio- Mat Reiki detox): $120
        • 60 minutes full body (CBD infused Reiki): $125
        • Warm towels for back: $10
        • Facial steam: $10
        • In person
        • Download the Massage Form
          Full Body Massage - Select one:
          Massage add-ons:
          The laying on of hands.

          "The Laying On of Hands"

          Reiki, Healing Touch, Ancestral

            Reiki, Healing Touch, Ancestral - Select one:

            Speakeasy: Meditation Support Groups (Angelic Ancestral Support)

            Twice Monthly ~ Sliding scale $25  to $85 ~ 90 minutes: (2023) Pending (TBA)

            1. Adult Children of Alcoholics (dysfunctional family systems)
            2. Racial sobriety: BIPOC activist
            3. Racial sobriety: White allies
            4. Food justice: Intermittent fasting
            5. Wiser-Women: 55 years and older
            6. Lockdown: (loved ones) of incarcerated people

            “Wellness is an interconnective holistic expression of the mind, body, and spirit when self-care becomes a priority" ~ Hitaji 

            Peacemaker Special Bundles Earn Free 30-Minutes of Extra Time!!

            Coaching Bundles

              Coaching Bundles - Select one:

              Full Body Massage Bundles

              • Four 30 minutes full body refresh: $200
              • Four 60 minutes full body dry brushing: $380
              • Four 60 minutes full body (Bio- Mat Reiki detox): $480
              • Four 60 minutes full body (CBD infused Reiki): $500
              • Four warm towels for back: $40
              • Four facial steams: $40
              • In person 
              • Download the Massage Form
                Full Body Massage Bundles - Select one:
                Bundle add-ons:

                Reiki, Healing Touch Bundles

                  Reiki, Healing Touch Bundles - Select one:

                  Payment Options



                  Send payments to (832) 746-3627

                  Cash and Check

                  Pay It Forward

                  Pour a Blessing on another who might be financially challenged or even a stranger to you. Pay It Forward. Intentionally give and help to restore someone’s Spirit with our massage, coaching or Reiki bundles. Consider donating support group fees for one month, two month or 90 days., sliding scale. Be a sustainable auto giver by giving every month. One great massage is better than no massage at all. Give now and receive 10% off your next Peacemaker gift card purchase. 

                  More Payment Options

                  Special Events

                  Pay for a Special Event

                  Scan the QR Code to pay with PayPal

                  Pay Peacemaker Enterprise with PayPal

                  Virtual Phone Sessions Available

                  DUO: Facetime alternative

                  Regular Phone: Just audio

                  Instructions for ZOOM: To use ZOOM, you will need to download software to your computer. Once installed on your computer, we ask that you open and review preferences to make sure microphone and video work on your system.

                  Family Business Owners

                  Midwife, medicine woman,  healer 

                  Speakeasy owner 

                  Moonshine Distributer


                  Bar owner 

                  Speakeasy  owner