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Food Justice: Mindful Eating: Intermittent Fasting

Powerful Intentions.

The Intention of the (Food Justice) page has been rooted in what Peacemaker describes as (a mindful way of eating) or in other words, to become more aware of what you are putting into your body and to notice more deeply how your body reacts to it. This awareness can be a special kind of justice for bodies that have waited a long time to be cared for and no longer want to be harmed by processed foods, chemicals and stressful living that have the potential to cause illness and suffering.

Food can be addictive.

For those of us who have experienced emotionally addictive relationships with food, you understand exactly what I am talking about. Many of us have bodies that have been waiting for self-care and rest, hydration, exercise, and foods that have the potential to heal and restore. There is an ever-growing movement of people adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle to stay alive by reducing processed foods or completely letting go of it.

Now or later.

We encourage avoidance of eating highly inflammatory foods that harm the body, mind, and spirit by adopting a non-inflammatory, whole food plant-based eating gradually and depending on your seriousness of your health status, probably immediately.

What is eating you?

We encourage people to avoid eating highly inflammatory foods that harm the body, mind, and spirit. We encourage them and their families to invest into a non-inflammatory, whole food plant-based lifestyle. We know that eating habits can be generational as well as emotionally entrenched in the DNA of a family or community. Some will gradually transition to eating for better health and then there are those depending on the seriousness of their health status will start as soon as possible.

Radical Self Care


We couple intermittent fasting, and a longer fast every six-month with an ongoing meditation (chat) support group (with Reiki) to help foster a kinship of care for self and others. We offer one on one support by request. We use the (Peacemaker Power Tools) and (The Ten Commitments) as foundational support systems for all that we do.

We do not shame or compete. This is not a count your calories diet program even though weight loss might be a healthy by-product of eating to live and not living to eat. We expect progress and not perfection. We believe that plant-based eating has the power to heal and the possibility to reverse diseases that harm and kill the body if you allow that power to work for you.

For those who keep meat in their diets or occasionally while transitioning to a more plant-based eating, we encourage you to eat grass fed meat without hormones and animals who are compassionately used for food. But for our cycles of intermittent fasting as a group, we ask that you abstain from meat and to eat only non-inflammatory foods. Cycles of intermittent fasting will be for 90 days with time to prepare. Some people are using the intermittent eating concept as a permanent way of eating.

Food addiction can be a traumatizing generational experience. As a child I experienced the harmful destruction of alcohol as well the processed foods that we ate and suffered from. My family system gave birth to heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammation and stiffness, amputation, cancer, asthma, addictions, eczema, systemic infections, high blood pressure, seizures, stroke, overweight, high stress, arthritis, gout, and dementia

Food addiction had been a longtime dependable friend until it became my enemy and a wise teacher. I used to fantasize that it would be easier to be an alcoholic because you can just stop. The cruel reality during that time was that we all needed food to stay alive. If my family would have known better, they might have done better when it came to food and wellness and me.

I have deep gratitude for the resources, support groups and therapies that support me to create a life that will not be driven by emotional eating. I am not perfect, and I walk this road one day at a time. I have made up my mind to not allow the standard American diet (SAD) to steal my joy. Amen

*We advise you to check with your doctor to make sure this program is safe for you. Peacemaker is not a medical expert. All information and suggestions reflect my own personal recovery from destructive addictive eating and science-based research posted on this website by various medical doctors who support plant-based eating. Take what you need and leave the rest. If possible, find a doctor who has studied the importance of nutrition and wellness.

This support group and others will be starting in January of 2023. All of our support groups will use the (Peacemaker Power Tools) and (The Ten Commitments) as foundational support systems. Sign up for our mailing list for dates and times if you are interested in being a part of this experience. Thank you.


Our population 

People who want to transition to plant-based eating for greater wellness

People who are in recovery from compulsive eating

People who are preparing for surgery

People who warned by their medical doctor to change

People who are challenged by life threatening illnesses such as high blood pressure, overweight, high cholesterol, and diabetes to begin with.

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