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Welcome to the Peacemaker Process

The Power Tools ~ The Ten Commitments ~ The Bio mat

  • To be a dynamic beneficial presence on this planet
  • To be rooted in the practice of self-care and community care by reducing chronic stress and trauma
  • To create a mindful lifestyle of generational abundance and service

Integrated formula:

We support individuals and organizations to reduce and buffer their daily intake of distress and overwhelm by committing to a radical self-care practice. Peacemaker uses an integrated formula of simple science-based healing modalities that support wellness. We use a solution-based coaching approach. All our support systems are power tools rooted in the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and wellness. We start from the inside out. We call this “The Peacemaker Process.”

Listening: We specialize in compassionate listening. We create safe confidential spaces for people to mindfully heal while stepping out of life challenges. We pay attention to you, and we help you pay attention to yourself. We help people learn how to listen and be heard with mutual respect. We utilize stillness to hear more deeply. We motivate people to notice the relationship of the mind, body, and spirit and how it all affects how we show up on this planet.

Science based: Research has proven that meditation and a lifestyle based on emotional self-regulation can promote wellness. Science proves that chronic stress, oppression, racialized trauma, overwhelm and the lack of self-care can slowly diminish the quality of life. Chronic stress can be the perfect storm for people to develop coping patterns such as addictions, violent behaviors, numbness, environmental destruction, depression, and habits that do not serve their best interest.

Grounded by Spirit: Peacemaker resonates and aspires to be spiritually grounded, nonjudgmental, and nonreligious. We believe in a “Greater Energetic Presence” that permeates all that we know and do not know. We respect the ancient wisdom of many spiritual traditions coupled with the modern aspects of science-based research. We offer a safe space for the agnostic as well as those who are atheist.  Peacemaker respects diversity and the dignity of all people.

Generational distress:

Family constellation therapist Mark Wolynn once said, “Just as we inherit our eye color and blood type, we also inherit the residue from traumatic events that have taken place in our family. Illness, depression, anxiety, unhappy relationships, and financial challenges can all be forms of this unconscious inheritance.” Brain plasticity research teaches us that we are not rigidly trapped by generational distress if we have a strong desire to change. The  Peacemaker Process can be part of that change. 

Be Good To Self Hitaji Aziz

Hitaji Aziz

May I be safe from inner and outer harm

May my mind and spirit be happy

May my body be strong and healthy

May I care for myself with grace and joy

May I accept all challenges with ease

Metta Prayer

Constant high stress without intervention can directly affect the nervous systems and health of individuals, families, and communities for generations in negative ways. Healthy people create healthy environments. Suffering can be an option and not the norm.

Peacemaker Power Tools

  • Gratitude
  • Coaching
  • Forgiveness
  • Making amends
  • Meditation
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Beauty and order
  • Movement
  • Sleep wellness
  • Breath wellness
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Energy medicine

Samples: High Stress Populations

  • Populations affected by prison systems
  • People facing homelessness and poverty
  • Essential workers
  • Educational systems
  • Therapists and Social Workers
  • Family systems
  • Differently abled
  • Military, police, medical systems
  • Justice / Human Rights movements

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