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Welcome to a New Paradigm
We offer you an integrated formula

Peacemaker Enterprise is a trauma informed, culturally sensitive business. Peacemaker Enterprise specializes in the art of compassionate attention and listening for the mind, body, and spirit as well as the reduction of stress for individuals and organizations. We call this the Wygelian Process has a solution-based coaching approach utilizing a integrated formula of mindful healing modalities. Support systems such as meditation, racial recovery coaching , labyrinth work, support groups, Reiki, coaching, therapeutic massage, and self-care in general. We specialize in compassionate listening and a deeper kind of rest for the mind, body, and spirit for diverse populations. We have noticed how the historical accumulation of hurtful stories and chronic stressful events can prohibit individuals, organizations, and communities from experiencing their highest potential.

We realize that constant high stress without direct care intervention can directly affect the nervous systems of individuals, families, and communities for generations in negative ways. Healthy people create healthy environments. We believe that suffering can be an option and that many people have learned to experience and expect suffering as normal behavior. Modern research can prove that stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, anger, depression, fear, war and chaos can slowly diminish the quality of life for people and promote attachments to patterns such as addictions, violence , environmental destruction, racial conflicts and habits that do not serve the best interest of individuals or this planet.

Especially useful for firsthand responders, diversity programs, people affected by racial abuse, teachers, hospital staff, prison and police systems, nonprofit organizers, formally incarcerated, students, parents, and individuals to name a few. We believe in positive possibilities for all people even in times of adversity, as well as the co-creation of caring communities in ways that will support the re-construction of healthier ways to live on this planet starting with self. Are you ready to take the next step for Radical self-care?

High Stress Populations

  • Firsthand responders
  • Diversity programs
  • People affected by racial abuse
  • Teachers, hospital staff, prisons
  • Police systems
  • Nonprofit organizers
  • Formally incarcerated
  • Students
  • Parents

The Integrated Formula

  • Meditation
  • EFT
  • Racial recovery coaching
  • Food justice: detoxification
  • Spoken word: journaling
  • progressive radio
  • Labyrinth justice work
  • Support groups
  • One on one coaching
  • Reiki
  • Coaching
  • Therapeutic massage
“We become dead inside when we live outside ourselves to please others.” — Mark Wolynn.