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The Ten Commitments: Medicine For Your Spirit

  1. I make a daily commitment to notice, accept, heal and transform all unmanageable parts of my life without denial. I do this for the highest good of myself and all those who are touched by me.
    I tell myself the truth.
  2. I investigate and decide each day to release fear, rejection, laws or any illusions that have separated me from my higher self, my passions, my compassion and my personal happiness.
    I deserve joy.
  3. I commit daily to not be a victim of my history or the present time. I will not fear my future. I see life through the eyes of a compassionate human living in the now. I AM an expression of Spirit. I know that my future depends on what I do today. I create my reality.
  4. I stay committed to the solution and 100% responsible for my life and environment. I live courageously. I apologize when needed. I am emotionally accountable. I strive to be humble. I will stand up to myself. I will stand for myself. I never give up on me.
  5. I practice self-care. I remain responsible for my physical, financial and emotional well-being. I treat, protect and respect my body as a divine temple. I am loveable. I respect myself through movement, rest and healthy food. I live a life of abundance and wealth without limits. I freely give and receive love. I live a heart centered life.
  6. I am my own best friend. I decide each day not to disrespect, betray or compromise my personal integrity. I respect my personal callings. I will remind myself that I am extremely important. I never settle for less. I am more than worthy.
  7. I create and facilitate Sacred Space. I honor Spirit as I understand it to be. I utilize prayer and meditation as power tools; reminding me that I am never alone. I walk with unseen greatness.
  8. I maintain an attitude of gratitude. I release all past hurts, resentments and present negative emotions. I practice random acts of kindness. I bare witness to Grace. I wake up feeling grateful.
  9. I learn about, appreciate and respect the beauty of cultural differences and I am always seeking common ground no matter how different. I practice being a socially responsible Peacemaker on this earth. I respect the people of this planet. I respect the water. I respect the air, the animal and plant kingdoms. I am uniquely beautiful.
  10. I maintain a multi-dimensional response to my environments. I am willing to change. I am always moving forward. I am manifesting and evolving into something more advanced. I am more energetically grounded. I remember that Spirit is always working in my favor.
    I align my personal law with the law of the Universal Spirit.

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