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 Great-grandmother and healer, Sally Liddell

I was born in a family system that had at least one formal healer in each generation. My family system was directly affected by the systems of southern Alabama chattel slavery and emancipation. I was blessed to meet at least three of those healers. My great-grandmother Sally was a major hand on healer who was called a "Root woman" because she would dig up roots to make medicine for sick people and babies. She was a midwife, folk nurse and a churchwoman who was part of the great AME Zion Methodist movement. She learned her craft from ex-slaves. She wore a white nursing outfit to church. She migrated with her husband and children from Alabama to Pennsylvania. Great grandfather William died when they arrived in Pennsylvania. 

Cousin and healer, Annie Cole

Cousin Annie was my grandmother’s close cousin. She was quick to pray and utilized “hands on healing” for healing especially on my disabled mother when she was in town. She would breathe hard, touch and pray right into the body. We would hold hands in a circle of silence and the only voice heard was her voice calling on the Holy Spirit was her speaking in tongues in a rhythmic tone and sway. I was the only little girl standing there transfixed and within awe not realizing that I was being anointed in the art of healing and touch. She was considered our New York middle-class relative who was always dressed up looking wonderful. She was a very religious Pentecostal woman who sewed well enough to create her own tailored suits. She looked like Rosa Park by looks and style. 

Cousin and healer, George Lett

Cousin George was my mother’s first cousin and he spent a large portion of his life in Los Angeles as a healer and a Science of Mind minister. I learned that he was a New Thought healer thirty plus years later after we found one another. In less than a year after re connecting he would die but not before he shared important family history and gifting me with his healing oil instructing me to rub a circle of oil around my solar plex area. He died in 1995. 




A Paradigm Shift in Energy Medicine

· Reiki master

· Healing touch practitioner II

· Qigong I

· Generational ancestral~ hands on healing

· Oneness blessing

· Vibrational chanter

· Registered massage therapist 

Benefit of Reiki ~ Healing Touch Combo

· Clear energetic blockages and attachments 

· Promotes chronic pain management ~ headaches including migraines

· Promotes relaxation, sleep wellness and meditative flow states

· Reduction of stress and fatigue

· Post-anesthesia ~ surgical recovery

· Balancing of the energy ~ chakra centers

· Decrease wound healing time, fractures and burns

· Promotes blood pressure normalization

· Reduction of anxiety, depression and mood swings

· Sense of well-being and connectedness

· Promotes growth rate of premature infants

· Clearer thinking and calm

· Decrease pain for fibromyalgia and burn patients

· Help prepare patients for surgery, chemotherapy, and other medical procedures